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Difficult personality. You may not realize that this facade hides many disappointments and a lot of sadness. Be open-minded to learn more. Because if you do, you’ll find that there are reasons for the attitude. 

I come here and I sit in silence and hear the echoes of who we used to be. And so I wish for some patience, and grace, and the strength to finally let go. 


whether we want to or not, everything has an end. we close the book. we say goodbye to everything that was familiar and comfortable. we’re moving on. but just because we’re moving on and it hurts, there are people who are so much a part of us, they will always be with us. no matter what.

they are our solid ground. for always.. 

I just want you to know that if you ever need me, I’ll always be here for you and all you ever have to do is ask.
6/1/12 — 3:32pm Filed under: #love  #traces 
every time we get too close, one of us puts up a wall. and it’s not easy being on the other side of that wall…

There are things in my life that I thought I will always miss.. I was so wrong to even think that you’d be one of them..  

it doesn’t take a talent to be mean, and words can crush things that are unseen. so please be careful with me. i am fragile and i’d like to stay that way..
it’s been a while..

where have you been? it’s been a while since we last talk, let alone meet. you look good as always..

did you miss me? 

We may not be in a romantic relationship. But whenever I’m with you, I always feel better. Content..That is definitely the one thing I have not felt with anyone else. No matter how much I like them. 

I guess that makes you special. 

When I’m with you I have fun

When I’m with you I forget all that’s bad

When I’m with you  nothing else seems to exist

When I’m with you, I feel loved

And it scares me..